Candice Smith




Hopefully everyone enjoyed their summer break! I’m looking forward to the new school year!



Respect each other.

Give 100%.

Be responsible.

Be safe.

Always tell the truth.

Never say “I can’t”.





8:15-9:15 READING

9:20-10:20 MATH

10:20-11:00 ENGLISH

11:00-11:45 LUNCH/RECESS

11:50-12:30 SOCIAL STUDIES

12:35-1:20 SCIENCE

1:20-2:05 P. E.





Note to parents: Please make sure that you check your child's D.O.G folder nightly.  You should expect to see homework on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.  Students are expected to read at least 15-20 minutes each night.  There are two places for you to sign in their folder showing that they have read.  Thank you for all that you do at home to help your child be successful.








Candice Smith

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