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Upcoming Events


State 4-H Round-up $ Stillwater Gds 7-12
Registration required .Cost is $110.00 and Calvin 4-H will try to pay $85.00 per member leaving member's to pay $25.00.


Board of Education Meeting
7:00 PM
In the Board Room

Contact Information
Calvin Public Schools
P.O. Box 127
Calvin, Oklahoma 74531
Phone: (405) 645-2411
Fax: (405) 645-1056

A Note from the Superintendent



Our Principal

I had a wonderful school education beginning with 8 years in a Private school in Oklahoma City. I graduated from Tuttle High School in Tuttle, OK and went on to East Central Univiersity where I received a Bachelor's in Elementary Education and Master's Degrees in  counseling and Public School  Administration. I also have earned college credit from both Oklahoma State University , OSU and the University of Oklahoma, OU. Im an avid fan of both.

My main education has come from my time in the classroom with students. I have taught in various schools: Tuttle, Tipton, Stratford and Konawa Elementary schools, even a Texas school!  My thirty years in education consist of 13 years as a teacher, 13 years as a counselor and 4 years as an administrator.

Patricia Marlow, M. Ed.

Principal of Calvin Schools


I graduated from Indianola High School in 1993 and earned a bachelor's degree in math education and a masters in school administration from Northeastern State University. I recently earned my doctorate degree from OSU.

I am starting my 5th year as superintendent at Calvin. Previously, I worked as a math teacher at Beggs Public Schools and Savanna Public Schools. I served in several different administrative positions (elementary principal, High School Principal, athletic director, assistant superintendent) at Stringtown and Holdenville Public Schools.

My interests include deer hunting, golfing and watching the St. Louis Cardinals.

I like Calvin because the people of this community accepted me from the beginning. I spent a very short time feeling I was an outsider. I think that says a lot about the quality of the people in our community. 

Mr. Karch,  Ed.D. 

Superintendent of Schools




Mission Statement:

Because all children are special and have unique talents, the mission of Calvin Public School is to provide all students with a relevant education which prepares them to be productive, successful citizens and lifelong learners.

Anti-Bullying Statement

Students are expected to act with consideration and respect for other students, staff and their property.  School personnel are responsible for creating a safe, civil and respectful learning environment where students can gain the knowledge and interpersonal skills they need to succeed in school and beyond.  Bullying creates a climate of fear and hostility, disrupts the educational process, inhibits the ability to learn, adversely affects student participation in educational programs and activities, has as negative effect on a school’s social environment and leads to antisocial behavior.  Bullying behaviors may focus on an actual or perceived characteristic such as race, disability, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, or other reasons related to a student’s distinguishing characteristic. Calvin Public School prohibits any and all forms of bullying by students and will not tolerate acts of retaliation for making a report of bullying.  In order to maintain a safe, civil and respectful learning environment, school staff shall identify early indicators of bullying behavior and stop bullying behavior. All school staff must refer perpetrators for appropriate discipline.


Child Find

Do you know a child with a disability or suspected disability age 3 to 21 years?

Calvin Public School wants to identify children with established or suspected disabilities, regardless of the severity, and provide the most appropriate services to meet their individual needs. These children do not have to be enrolled in school, Head Start, day care, state institutions, other child care, or treatment facilities.

Help us to provide services to any child with a disability in need of special education and related services! Contact Patricia Marlow, Principal, at (405) 645-2411 (telephone) or (405) 645-1056 (FAX), or mail to: P.O. Box 127, Calvin, OK 74531.



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