FAFSA in Five Steps. Click on this link to go the the brochure that we reviewed together!.


New Video on the FAFSA – This is lengthy because it walks you through an exact demonstration of the process. Click the image below to go to the video. Seniors – Remember that you will apply for the 2017-18 school year!


Video: Types of Financial Aid



Creating an FSA ID



Video: How to Fill out the FAFSA


FAFSA Handbook 2016-17 Click here to see the entire handbook that explains every detail of the FAFSA process!


Click here for the Guide to Reporting Parent Information on the FAFSA 




Federal Student Aid: Find the Information You Need Online

 Fill out the FAFSA www.fafsa.gov
Basic FAFSA Information  StudentAid.gov/fafsa
Dependency status for FAFSA Purposes StudentAid.gov/fafsa/filling-out/dependency
How aid is calculated (including link to EFC info) StudentAid.gov/how-calculated
 Who can get federal student aid StudentAid.gov/types
Pell Lifetime Eligibility Used StudentAid.gov/pell-limit
Finding and Applying for Scholarships StudentAid.gov/scholarships
Loan Interest Rates and Fees StudentAid.gov/interest
Avoiding Financial Aid Scams StudentAid.gov/scams
Loan Repayment StudentAid.gov/repay
Income Based Repayment StudentAid.gov/ibr
Pay as you Earn StudentAid.gov/PayAsYouEarn
Public Forgiveness in General StudentAid.gov/forgiveness
Loan Forgiveness for Teachers StudentAid.gov/teach-forgive
College Preparation Checklist:  checklists for academic and financial preparation, for elementary through adult students StudentAid.gov/checklist
Why go to college (education and pay/employment rates) StudentAid.gov/whycollege
Middle School Preparation  StudentAid.gov/early
 Info for parents (tax benefits, support your child, college costs) StudentAid.gov/parent
Financial AId for Adult Students StudentAid.gov/resources#adult-students
Graduate School Funding StudentAid.gov/grad
Aid for military families StudentAid.gov/military
Going to College in Another Country StudentAid.gov/international
@FAFSA Twitter Feed www.Twitter.com/FAFSA
Federal Student Aid YouTube Channel www.YouTube.com/FederalStudentAid
Federal Student Aid Facebook Page  www.Facebook.com/FederalStudentAid