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After starting and spending two years in Oklahoma City schools, I moved to Tuttle and it became my hometown. I graduated from high school there.I remember getting swats for something as simple as gum chewing;things have changed immensely since I attended public school as a student. I was fortunate to love ball and made All State in football, track and baseball. No one could outrun or outscore me then; times and body have changed. I received an athletic scholarship to attend college at East Central State College in Ada, Oklahoma. Ada became my new hub, coaching and teaching at Konawa, Stratford and now Calvin. I have loved being a part of schools in many capacities: bus driver, janitor, teacher, principal, coach.

Current Position:

I am beginning my fifth year at Calvin Public School. Besides being the high school principal, I have also taught Drivers’ Education in the summer and coached boys basketball for two years and girls softball for one year. Whatever school I am at, it is my favorite. While I have mostly been a tiger or a bulldog, I like bulldogs best!


Previous Position:

Prior to coming to Calvin, I was in charge of bus discipline at Broken Arrow Public Schools. Upon graduation from East Central University, I began my educational career at Konawa Public School. Working there for seven year gave me a chance to coach talented students in basketball, football and track and work with brillant coaches. I have been a head coach in football, basketball, and track at Tuttle Public Schools, Tipton Public Schools, Stratford Public Schools and Empire Public Schools; I served as principal at most of these places. I returned to Konawa Public School for eight years where I officially retired in 2010 after thirty-six years.

Family Information:

I have been fortunate to keep my wife for the past 42 years. I think the reason for that is because I respect and spoil her and fix her a cup of coffee every morning.  I work with her every day at Calvin School and she is my right hand man. We have been blessed with three sons, two daughters-in-law and six grandchildren, three boys, three girls. Two of our grandchildren have spent time in Calvin Elementary on their days-off and they just love it. The school dog, Buttercup, recently died.

Personal Information:

Golf used to be my game, but I have added too many strokes. I enjoy using power tools and flipping old houses.

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