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This Tuesday will be a bond election for Calvin Schools. Items on the ballot are transportation, improvements to our Ag facility, and new technology to all classrooms and students. This is not just a vote for one area of Calvin Schools but a vote for the whole district. 


Transportation- Purchasing of two new buses will allow our students to be transported safer and more reliable. A Drivers Education and Ag vehicle that will better suit our needs, both vehicles are almost a decade old.  (Also the ability/possibility to purchase smaller transportation (vans) for class trips, organizations, and teams without the use of a bus or CDL driver).


AG Program-   Calvin is a rural community and the FFA program is vital to giving students the hands on education that so many students prefer and need. By passing this bond adequate facilities will be built to encourage and facilitate Calvin students for years to come. 


Technology- Improvements will be made to all classrooms with the most up to date smart-boards. No more projectors on the ceilings or bulbs that need to be replaced, interactive High-Definition screens will be mounted on the walls. As well as new I-pads for all elementary students and Chromebooks for Middle school and High school students.


By passing this bond we will be offering a better education for students throughout the district. The construction will not start till summer of 2018, that allows the district to have adequate time to plan and strategically build an Ag-department that fits our student's needs  in hopes of renovating/adding classrooms that will assist our elementary and make Calvin stronger from the


“ground up”. As an employee of the district you are the face of the school and we represent each other. As we go into the weekend and the start of next week please talk to all that will listen on the importance of this bond and the value of these much needed improvements.


Here are some answers to common questions I have been asked;


What will this bond do to my taxes? -            $0.49 increase a month for every $100 on your Property taxes (if you are a disable veteran your taxes will not increase, they are exempt)


What will happen to the building? -               The integrity of the building will remain? No external walls being knocked down.


How will classrooms be added? -                   current rooms that facilitate the Ag department will be renovated and used as elementary rooms/Learning labs            


Does Calvin Schools need this-                      Yes, it is for our kids. Our rooms are small for our elementary and our shop building is in much need of improvements for safety and educational purposes. 


The FFA is having a pie auction and dinner (FREE) at 5:00 Saturday at the Ag Barn. This is a community push to inform patrons about the bond issue and support our local program(s). Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions by email or my cell (580) 665-6098. Thank you for all the hard work that each one of you do day in and day out. Calvin is truly blessed to have this staff that educated their students. We are all committed to the improvement of not only our school but this community and I truly believe passing this bond is a step in that direction.

Travis Graham


Calvin I.S.D.

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